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...With training and experience as couples therapist and sex addiction therapist Michael focused his practice to the service of couples and families impacted by addiction.  Receiving them often at their lowest point emotionally, offering assessment and evaluation, treatment planning and referring, and individual, couple and group therapy.

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In one session working with Michael my perception changed 100%.  

- Client N.M.

For two years Michael and his partners built and staffed Boise Counseling Center. Helping to drive its mission to be a welcoming and safe place for the Boise community.  He then stepped out of the partner role to focus on clinical services.

Boise Counseling Center and its staff of six grew requiring more space for offices, support staff and training.  Michael and his colleagues moved to a new location with space for large group therapy and trainings.

In 2016, Michael got a concussion to the back of the head requiring immediate medical leave and treatment.  For five months he received Neuro-Feedback and lived quietly as recommended by his doctors.   Michael used this time for focused personal development with the Hero’s Journey Foundation and the ManKind Project.  Organizations that provide in-depth opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

Today, Michael is a full-time psycho-therapist practicing in Boise, ID and a leader in the local community of men’s development.  Committed to his mission: to inspire expression, he lives one day at a time offering his gifts of boldness, courage, and authenticity to the people in his life.


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

  • Emotion Focused Couples Therapist


  • Member International Institute for Trauma and Addiction 

  • Member International Centre for Excellence in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

  • Member Southwest Idaho Emotion Focused Therapy


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