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Consider this...

Immersing oneself in recover for 1-3 days has the impact of 2-6 months of weekly counseling.

Our recovery intensives have been thoughtfully designed to assist you in developing a life-changing recovery program.  

Why would someone choose a short-term intensive instead of traditional weekly counseling?

  • One can accomplish 2-3 months of recovery work by taking a day or two off work instead of organizing work around a weekly appointment.

  • Plenty of time and space to process pain, emotion, relationships, grief, and new approaches to being.

  • Continuity of learning increases retention and quickens change.

For some people using PTO or vacation time for 2-3 days is simpler organize than leaving work week to week.  It saves on drive time and the time it takes to transition mentally from work and back again.  


Explaining you are you receiving treatment for sex addiction may not be appropriate in work settings and saying you have a weekly medical appointment cause unnecessary concern from your coworkers or superiors. .  

With the momentum of all day and multi- day sessions learning compounds and deepens.  In a traditional 50 minute session time is used to transition into counseling and then back to one's life.   


  • Establish a clear objectives.

  • Process underlying emotions driving the compulsive behavior.

  • Actively engage in the missing life-skills and activities that addiction replaces.  

  • Learn how to live one day at a time.


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